Catherine Mohan

Solution Architect & Developer

Business Process Solutions & Automation
Internal Tools
Data Management Solutions

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Technology can be daunting and complicated

IT Departments can be unwelcoming and impersonal

I want to change that

I make small tools with big impacts

Technology and IT can work with you to make your job easier

Use technology to improve existing processes and discover better ones

You don't have to automate everything, a little bit can go a long way


Power Platform

  • Designed, built, & tested custom Canvas Apps to provide a user-friendly UI for data while also ensuring data quality & security
  • Completed the development for & added new features to a custom Canvas App used by client's employees to order parts from company warehouses
  • Designed & created a data solution to track project milestones for different projects across 10+ client locations in Dataverse
  • Synced Customer data from SAP to Dynamics 365, including dynamic creation of associated records
  • Created custom Http Endpoints to control and facilitate access to information available via Microsoft Graph API
  • Synchronized an Azure AD Security Group with an Exchange Distribution List
  • Created Power BI reports for clients to analyze and track their data


  • Developed & automated a process for filing 200+ documents daily from an intake folder to the appropriate folder in SharePoint using Microsoft Graph
  • Wrote a console application to automatically read the CSV exports of 800,000+ PDF Invoices and create a CSV file for each company that contained a list of their invoices and the products purchased
  • Designed a desktop application to retrieve calendar data from Microsoft Graph API and analyze it to calculate usage statistics of meeting rooms
  • Created a script to collect information about meetings from the Zoom API and analyze for usage of meeting passwords when Zoom was unable to provide those statistics


  • Text-based Application for interacting with Exchange Online Powershell including Menus, Logging, and Verbose output for learning commands
  • Background Application for remotely gathering computer resource data for usage analysis
  • Various Scripts for common admin tasks involving Office 365, Exchange Online, and Active Directory Powershell interfaces


  • Tenant and Site Organization Strategy
  • Advanced Site Permissions based on Active Directory & Azure Active Directory Groups
  • Custom Lists with Calculated Columns
  • Secured Sites with Sensitivity Labeled Files


Microsoft Power Automate
5 years

Microsoft Power Apps
3 years

Microsoft Dataverse
1 year

C# Scripting & Applications
3 years

Powershell Scripting & Applications
5 years

Office 365 Applications & Administration
10 years